Powerful Features, Easy to Use

  • Easy navigation that enables you quickly get to what you need 
  • Behaviors and Results that you easily customize for your Reality
  • Reality screens allow you to develop focus and intentions
  • Easy logging screens for daily interactions
  • Online Training Program build into the software with progress and milestones
  • Happiness logging
  • Make happiness a priority, and value the more times you recongize it
  • Secure log in and privacy designed first
  • Online access through your browser, mobile device, or table


Track Progress

  • We use an innovative impact and difficulty point system that applies value based on common terms
  • As you log more points into your reality, you subconsciously being more attracted to a reality where results happen
  • The points are tracked with our Reality Analytics and you visually see progress
  • Each Reality is tracked separately, allowing you to see progress individually

Product Features

The key sections within the Software

Life Statement






Your Actions Change You

  • With our logging screen you decide what points you earn
  • Each logging events gives you more confidence that change is really happening with you
  • With the different options you get more points based upon the type of event
  • And sometimes, we even give you bonus points for more events, because you took action
  • Logging makes it safe for you to make decisions that affect your future


You Decide Your Challenges, You Can Select All or One

Health & Fitness


Work & Career



Mental & Emotional

Love & Relationships






Contribution & Service


Training Program with the Software

  • Quick Start
  • 8 Courses
  • Over 20 Lessons
  • Over 60 Tasks
  • Over 15 Milestones
  • All the training, simple easy to follow and focused on you becoming amazing

Simple Pricing

Monthly – Pay as you go
Cheaper than a coffees a month
Annual – Deep Discounts
No upgrades or premium, you get it all
All new features and enhancements come free
Dedicated to your success
At sign up, No Credit Card, No Risk, Try for Free

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