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Our Mission: Create a platform for people who want to create a life that they love. Make it easy.

Letter from the founder

Your life is in your hands

When I started AYR, my focus was using technology, psychology, and the power of your intentions to create an easy to use platform that helps people like yourself created a different future for themselves. Over decades of studying human behavior and building world changing technology, I embarked on a journey to help you. If you have a desire to live a life that you create, I truly believe AYR has something special to offer you.

Thank you,


What We Offer

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Behavior Training

Work on behaviors that attract results by demonstrating value and impact toward your goals.

Improve Happiness

Retrain yourself to be happy without any conditions. Our happiness logging reconditions your happiness triggers. 

Customized Realities

You define your life and the reality you desire to live, then using our difficulty rating, you set concrete value system.

Challenges Help Speed Up Change

Our unique challenge subscriptions allow you to take on unique approaches to life, make it fun and achieve.

Anywhere Access

Our responsive platform is easy to use on any device, it allows you to work 24×7 on your future. 

Constant Improvement

We never stop innovating new and improved ways to help you improve and get the results you desire.

Our Team of Experts

Our team has built world class applications and software. In addition, we’ve written goal setting books, coach business people and individuals, advised for major universities, and other self-improvement. We’re dedicated to helping you through process and technology. 

Put Your Life In Your Hands

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