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Dare to Dream

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Learn how technology helps people overcome their limiting beliefs, fears, and challenges when applying the Law of Attraction. Learn to apply the most power process in creating your life. Give yourself all the advantage, learn why technology helps to keep you create a life that you love.

How does AYR help me achieve my dreams?

Step 1:

Discover Your Life Vision and Purpose

Step 2:

Create Realities with Focus Intents



Step 3:

Develop Behaviors that Reinforce Change



Step 4:

Attract Results and Goals In Your Life

Why Do I Need Software?

In traditional goal setting, people set goals with an arbitrary future date. They forget to think about the person they need to become to achieve those goals AND to maintain the results. In addition, people place happiness on meeting a specific goal, they forget to live right now and enjoy each day.

The AYR online platform easily helps you identify and value the activities that attract your goals.  Through simple, easy to use logging screens and our unique challenge section, your active clicking demonstrates value to your underlying psychology system. You begin to overcome self-sabotage, historical rejection, and bad behaviors that all stop you from receiving AND maintaining what you truly desire.

Ultimately, we like to say, it shifts you into a Reality where you feel, deep down, that you already HAVE the results, ultimately making easy to retain and achieve your dreams.

You invest in your future with AYR’s software platform.

Learn a New Way of Achievement


Need more, watch the video above as we describe our why and how we built AYR.



Valuing Your Future

When faced with your future, we sometimes only value a goal if we reach it, never the journey. The AYR online software platform use a unique value system that takes your perceived impressions of difficulty and the impact of behaving then we translate that into a specific value. When you behave in a way that make goal achievement possible, you get points.

As you engage with the platform and your life, you invest more into your future, actually creating real value for your future. You track toward your reality and gain progress by simply engaging.

The software platform works, because subconsciously, you experience positive movement even if slowly at first. You become addicted to your future, putting core changes on autopilot.

What Types of Goals Could I Achieve?

Let’s ask you a question

  • Do you want to achieve different results than you are getting right now?
  • Are you interesting in changing your behaviors forever?
  • Are there goals you’ve reached and lost?
  • Are you willing to try something different approach and try for free?

What Areas of Your Life Need Improving?


Tired of chasing money, but desire the results? Have you ever considered living in a reality where the money comes to you through opening your eyes to opportunities that you missed because you were opportunity blinded? AYR reinforces behaviors that align with your financial goals, increasing the opportunities to live a life where opportunities match your new financial reality.


What is the difference between a healthy person and an unhealthy person? The healthy person HAS health, and the unhealthy person WANTS health. AYR’s online logging system enables you to appreciate your health, you easily learn to behave like the person who HAS the Body and Mind that you desire. You transform into a Healthy Reality.


You live your life waiting for that vacation. You may spend an entire year for the possibility of a single week of relaxing, fun vacation. Could you imagine a Realty where every day is a vacation? Where you live in your vacation daily, hourly and every minute. The adventure of life becomes a passion no matter if you’re climbing the highest peaks in the Himalayas or simply going to the grocery store. Use the AYR software to set your morning intentions and log happiness events to create points for your future. Learn to live in a Reality where you attack life in all realms of Adventure.


The magic of love has no conditions, it’s easy, it flows throughout life like the air we breathe. Yet for many, love is distance and a struggle to hold. What are the possibilities to achieve love that flows through every cell of your body? Imagine sharing your life with someone that balances you, improves you, opens you up to the universe, and accepts you with all your reality. The challenge section in the AYR application provides you with different techniques where you begin to value the way you interact with people, increasing the changes of your perception of Love. What Love Reality do you live? Learn to shift into the Love that You Desire and remove worry about hurt and loss.


In Reality Transformation, happiness has no conditions, no wants, no desires, no importance. You HAVE Happiness. It sounds difficult, doesn’t it? Why, because we’ve been trained to be happy when we achieve something. And it is great to be happy and enjoy achieving the desired results. But have you ever considered that learned behavior stops us from being happy all the time?

Why not have happiness always, all the time, and in any condition? As you log happiness events and gain Bonus points, you subconsciously learn to separate happiness from desires and be happy always. Sounds crazy, and sounds unimaginable, but it’s possible.

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